Three- Combo-Summer- Bikini- Workouts- You- Should-Do

Three Combo Summer Bikini Workouts You Should DO

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Hey Girls

Just spent the whole week end shooting three amazing girls demonstrating these three combo summer bikini workouts you should do. Some of the exercises are from the popular New Me System program that is helping many women get in great shape fast for bikini summer season.

First Workout with JamCore girl Jacquelyn Umaf

Second Workout with JamCore girl Jayel Lewis

Third Workout with JamCore girl Andrea Lowell

About Me: My name is Jamo Nezzar I’m the Ceo of JamCore Training and creator of the popular New Me System Women’s Program. I’m here to help you get in the best shape of your life by providing you with the right tools that teaches you how to do it. 

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