The Top 10 Best Leg and Butt Summer Bikini Exercises

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Hello girls

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I spent the whole week end shooting Fitness professional Andrea Lowell. Together we put together what we think are the top 10 best leg and butt summer bikini exercises.

When training legs and butt experimenting these top 10 movements make sure that your form is perfect as it’s very crucial that you get the exercises right…something we make sure our followers always stick to prevent injuries.

The positioning of the exercises is a personal choice but if I was you I will stick to the order we shot them to.

Some of the exercises that you see here are part of the New Me System Women 6 weeks program that many of our followers are doing to get in shape.

How many times a week you should do the workout to get results?

I will suggest once every five days increasing your reps or adding weight ( meaning using dumbbells)

Here is a an example:


3 Circuits x 5 – 10 reps of each movements


4 circuits x 10- 12 reps of each movements (Use Light Dumbbells 12 lbs – 15 lbs)


5 circuits x 15- 20 reps (use Dumbbells 15lbs – 20 lbs)

Circuits mean moving from one exercise to the next.

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