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What Every Women Should Know About The Squat

Trying to workout in a gym on monday is the worse day ever. Especially the dumbbell area it’s total chaos. Guys working chest and arms fighting over the mirror. Most of them big upper bodies and no legs. The sad thing is if you check the leg section it’s always empty. But things are changing girls are squatting more than guys. What every women should know about the squat is that it’s the most complete exercise if you do it right.

What  Every Women Should Know About The Squat

I shot this tutorial video with JamCore girl Brooke Mora to give you an insight on how to squat properly to get a great butt.

There is many ways to squat, but the best one if you looking to improve your butt is to be able to isolate your butt to do the work.

First and foremost you need to know that different stance will work different parts of the legs and butt. I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you to understand.

Stance one:  Hip Width

Overall this stance will work your legs and your butt at a percentage of 50/50

Stance two: Wide Stance toes pointing out:

This is what you looking for girls if you want to target your butt as well as your inner thigh. But make sure you go slightly below parallel.

Close Stance:

Will target mainly your front thigh.

Sets and reps scheme:

Well honestly from all the trials we did, medium to heavy weight at 12-15 even sometimes 20 reps will do the trick. As far as sets 4- 5 sets is plenty.

Whats important is not the weight as a matter fact, but the ability to isolate and work slow and focus. Also super setting 4 exercises or so will truly get you great results.

Below is the Video I shot with Brooke More to give you a deeper insight on how to squat like a queen.

Enjoy the workout and make sure you keep your form. In the mean time please share this blog with your friends and if you have any questions feel free to email me at

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The Top 10 Best Leg and Butt Summer Bikini Exercises

Hello girls

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I spent the whole week end shooting Fitness professional Andrea Lowell. Together we put together what we think are the top 10 best leg and butt summer bikini exercises.

When training legs and butt experimenting these top 10 movements make sure that your form is perfect as it’s very crucial that you get the exercises right…something we make sure our followers always stick to prevent injuries.

The positioning of the exercises is a personal choice but if I was you I will stick to the order we shot them to.

Some of the exercises that you see here are part of the New Me System Women 6 weeks program that many of our followers are doing to get in shape.

How many times a week you should do the workout to get results?

I will suggest once every five days increasing your reps or adding weight ( meaning using dumbbells)

Here is a an example:


3 Circuits x 5 – 10 reps of each movements


4 circuits x 10- 12 reps of each movements (Use Light Dumbbells 12 lbs – 15 lbs)


5 circuits x 15- 20 reps (use Dumbbells 15lbs – 20 lbs)

Circuits mean moving from one exercise to the next.

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