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4 Outdoor Exercises You Should Do After a RUN

4 Outdoor Exercises You Should Do After a RUN

Today I would like to share with you 4 outdoor exercises you should do after a run. Many people love running but after their run usually they can’t figure out what to do as far as exercises so they end up going home and have a shower and end it. Exercising after a run following a well designed routine can help you tremendously not only lose weight but also get toned much faster.

I asked my dear friend Jacquelyn Umof to come up with a routine to help with your training after your run.

We put together these 4 great exercises so here they are:

Exercise one: Body push up 3- 4 sets x 30 sec or 12- 15 reps

Get into a plank position and again you can do these off a ledge or the floor and by keeping a tight midsection lower your body up and keeping a straight line.

Exercise two: Body Weight Squats Or Squat Jumps 3- 4 sets x 30 sec or 12- 15 reps

Again here is you can’t do Squat jumps just do squats, make sure you keep your knees in line with your toes and while driving your body up drive through the heels and not the knees.

Exercise three : Leg Tucks 3- 4 sets x 30 sec or 20-40 reps

Sit at the end of the ledge hands behind your back, knees together heels together and bring your knees towards your chest.

Exercise four: Step Up kick back 3- 4 sets x 30 sec or 12-15 reps

I love this exercise because not only it works your legs to get them toned, but it also work your butt.

Here is the Video of all four exercises.

Enjoy the workout and make sure you keep your form. In the mean time please share this blog with your friends and if you have any questions feel free to email me at jamo@jamcoretraining.com

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