My love for Dark Chocolate

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By Jamo Nezzar

As a youngster when I saw a jar of Nutella I will lose my mind. I remember the days when my mum will buy a jar for us ( 7kids) to share, meaning get your slice of bread put one table spoon and leave the rest for your brothers and sisters.

Eat_New Me system_nutella_jar
I could never have 1 table spoon I use to eat from the jar and forget completely about the slice of bread.By the time my sisters and brothers arrive they whole jar is eaten.

As I grew up my love for chocolate did change a bit. I lost interest for a while, but lately i have this huge addiction to dark chocolate. Trader Joe Almond dark chocolate is my new kryptonite. But the good thing now is believe it or not dark chocolate has some great benefit that I would love to share with you.

First and foremost when buying dark chocolate make sure it’s high cocoa content, because it will be very nutritious. It will contains a decent amount of soluble fibers as well as a lot of minerals.

How much cocoa? At least 70 – 85 % (1) as JamCore Girl Emily Reynolds shows in this great Healthy dessert using dark chocolate.
100 grams of dark chocolate with 70 – 85 % cocoa has 11 grams of fiber, 67 % of the RDA ( Recommended daily allowance) for Iron, 58 % for magnesium, 89 % for Copper, 98 % for Manganese. It has also plenty of potassium, zinc and selenium and caffein . Doesn’t mean you go ahead and eat 100 grams of chocolate as you will be loading up 600 calories and some of them will come from sugar, but just eat it and make sure you in moderation.


Some of the other health benefits are :

1- improves blood flow and lower blood pressure (2)
2- increase HDL ( good cholesterol) and Lower LDL ( bad cholesterol)
3- Reduce insulin resistance, which is another common risk factor for diseases like heart disease and diabetes.
4- Protect your skin against the sun (3)
5 – improve brain function (4)

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