How to Organize Your Fridge

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How to Organize Your Fridge and Keep Your Food Fresh

By Jamo Nezzar

I remember one day i was watching a chef at the cooking channel telling everyone how to organize their fridge to make sure everything stays fresh. I never knew that you could do that. To me a fridge is a fridge throw things in and that’s it. Believe it or not 40% of america waist food by forgetting it in the fridge or throwing it away.

Today I would like to share with everyone how to organize your fridge, with these simple tips.

How to Organize Your Fridge

Tip 1 – First and foremost to reduce the risqué of illness , keep the temperature at 40°F or lower.

Tip 2 – Top Shelf, the back of the fridge are the coldest store all the dairy products such as  ( Milk, yogurt) to protect them from temperature changes.

Tip 3 – Eggs keep them in their cartons DO NOT TRANSFER TO THE FRIDGE EGG CONTAINER as they absorb other smells keep them in the middle shelf.

Tip 3 – Deli meats always in the drawer, which is slightly colder than the rest of the fridge, if you don’t have a drawer keep everything in the bottom shelf tightly wrapped.

Tip 4 – Vegetables stay fresh longer with a bit of humidity, usually it’s the bottom draw. Tomatoes onions and potatoes  always keep them out in the fresh you will keep the flavor.

Tip 5 – Condiments they already high in vinegar and Salt, they are natural preservatives so they can stay at the door. This include salad dressings, ketchup mayonnaise ( if you using a healthy versions of course)

Tip 6 – Fruits bottom shelf where there is low humidity, use plastic bag . Do not keep them close to the meats.

Tip 7 : All Meats like chicken and beef can go in the bottom shelf, keep all meats tightly wrapped!

Tip 8 : Any pasteurized Juice, can be stored at then door. All fresh juices on the bottom shelf.

Great tip : Leave vegetables and fruit unwashed until you use them. Water promote mold and increase bacteria growth.

Left overs : Place sticky notes on each container with date and what was cooked.

Hope this help, leave a comment below.

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