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How To Do a Lunge For A Better Butt and Legs

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How To Do a Lunges For A Better Butt and Legs

The first thing i learned the past 25 years I spent training people, is that short cuts gets you nowhere. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve what you looking for especially if you are a woman and your goal is to learn how to do a lunge for a better butt and legs.

You see when working out most people tend to rush and not do the exercise properly. If everyone took their time and did everything right no one will have issues achieving their goals.

I truly believe the ability to learn emanate from our childhood of course. If you take a kid and try to make him do something you never told him before he won’t do it. But if you spend time teaching him or her how to start from zero… he or she will do things right and it will become second nature to them to perform anything they are asked to do.

My point here is we all at some point in our lives won’t told properly or didn’t pay attention. But it’s never late because the brain is amazing. We can always reprogram everything to do right again.

I myself still struggle with some issues here and there but i told myself slowly to bypass all these hurdles by reprogramming my mind to do things right.

One of the thing i always tell my clients when they come and train with me for the first time, that’s of course if i see bad form during their training is to forget everything they learned from before and to start from zero with letting me teach them everyone all over again.

In this video i teach how to do a proper lunge to help you get that nice butt and legs you looking for. Watch it and please share this article with friends who need help with learning properly how to train.

About Me: My name is Jamo Nezzar I’m the Ceo of JamCore Training and creator of the popular New Me System Women’s Program. I’m here to help you get in the best shape of your life by providing you with the right tools that teaches you how to do it. 

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