About Jamo

Jamo Nezzar has been involved in fitness his whole life.  In his early 20s, after obtaining a degree in Biology, Jamo gave up his Pre-Med studies. He then moved from his home country of Algeria to London, becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder. After many personal and professional fitness achievements, Jamo was asked to move to California, helping numerous gym chains improve their quality of service.  He has since used his passion for health and fitness to help countless individuals of varied fitness levels achieve their personal goals.

Since retiring from competitive bodybuilding, Jamo has focused on working as a specialized consultant and trainer. His clients range from professional athletes and surfers to average men and women trying to get in better shape to young adolescents in search of sports training. When the video iPod was introduced in 2005, Jamo was the first to produce an iPod-specific video workout.  This innovative move launched Jamcoretraining.com into becoming a leader in the handheld media workout sites.  Jamo’s workouts not only revolved around core training, but also included fitness/bodybuilding and sports enhancement. Still not content with his achievements, Jamo went on to create one of the first fitness social network sites, www.myfittribe.com. This platform enabled Jamo to share his vast knowledge and, along with his team of experts, he built a huge following.

In 2010, while working with many of his female clients, Jamo noted that women frequently complained about not being able to find the “right” personal trainer; they were frustrated with being trained like a man. This observation lead Jamo to embark on his next venture to find the perfect women training system ” THE NEW ME System” was born. As Jamo says, “Training women is a science, just look at their bodies and their emotional needs and you will discover why you can never train them like men.” Jamo’s new challenge started a 5 year study in which he trained hundreds of women in order to master the training system.


During this time, as a testament to his training techniques for women, Jamo was elected as the official trainer of Miss California USA, enabling Nicole Johnson to win the crown at the Miss California Pageant 2010. He further went on to help Alyssa Campanella win the Miss USA Pageant 2011. After that huge success Jamo was sought by the Bikini competing world as a trainer and expert in molding women’s bodies to help them win shows.


Jamo’s training knowledge has lead him to appear on several TV channels (Discovery Channel, Sky Sport, ESPN American Muscle, KUSI News San Diego, KTLA NEWS) and radios shows (ESPN SPORT, B95.1). Additionally, he has written for and has been featured in numerous articles on his training philosophy in fitness magazine publications (Muscle and Fitness, Musclemag, Sport Revue, Body Fitness, Monde du Muscle, Sports Fitness, Max Muscle, Surfing Magazine).

JamCoretraining.com is the manifestation of many years of hard work. It’s a place where JamCore followers can connect with Jamo and his team for the best advice and products on the subject of training and nutrition.

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