About the Trainers

Carey Lea

Carey Lea’s passion for over ten years has been helping people find themselves through inner and physical development and this has shaped her unique approach to personalized body, mind and life transformation. Over the years, she’s been instrumental in helping hundreds of families achieve total health and get in the best shape of their lives! Her natural ability to fuse unique fitness modalities and creative real-life movement give her a unique experience to offer her clientele. Graduating with a BA in Performing Arts at Oklahoma City University and a minor in Anatomy and Kineseology, Carey Lea began her career as a professional in the Health and Fitness Industry in 2003 in Oklahoma City at a local Athletic Club and owned her own facility for 7 years. As a certified health and wellness coach, Carey Lea Fitness provides exclusive and personalized healthy lifestyle training services by fusing: fitness, food preparation and healthy lifestyle techniques that work! Carey specializes in individual custom nutritional programming and food preparation, and works with all age groups, from youth to seniors. Carey is your “Personal Energy Source!” She will help you create the change you wish to see!

In 2006 Carey Joined JamCore leading numerous projects with Jamo and was one of the initial JamCore Girls. The relationship developed to a level where now she is a regular part of the team. As Jamo once said, “Having Carey Lea with me is a blessing, when I shoot work with her  I don’t have to even check the content. I upload it straight for people to enjoy, because i know it’s Gold. She makes my job easy and I love working with her and part of my team.”

Emily Reynolds

Emily Reynolds is a World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (WBFF) pro Diva Bikini athlete, an International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) pro bikini athlete, O’Neill 365 Icon, figure champion, competition coach, personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, fitness personality and model. But it wasn’t always this way. Emily knew better than most the power of nutrition and exercise. She knew because in the not-so-distant past, she suffered from a health condition that crippled her entire world. The only thing that saved her was a healthy diet, fitness and the power of believing in herself. This is how she got where she is today. She grew up healthy and fit for most of her life. After college, she started noticing that she wasn’t feeling like herself anymore. She didn’t have the energy she used to. She started experiencing ailments she never had. Eventually, these ailments worsened to the point that she could barely get out of bed some days. Every joint in her body ached, she suffered from chronic headaches, her stomach hurt all the time and she felt as if she was allergic to everything. Her life was in a downward spiral with no end in sight. This went on for many years.

After countless doctor visits and several second opinions that gave her diagnoses such as lupus, fibromyalgia, IBS, diverticulitis, chronic fatigue – she was even told by one doctor that she should be put on disability – she was left feeling hopeless. she finally found a doctor who accurately diagnosed her. She had Graves disease. Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity in the thyroid gland. The thyroid does many things in the body, one of which is regulating a person’s weight. Even though weight gain was the least of her concerns, in the years that she was sick, she gained an unprecedented amount of weight: 40 pounds. she went from an extra small to a size 13. The doctor’s orders were to have her thyroid completely removed. She did it, but she knows now today that wasn’t necessary. And it caused a whole host of other problems in her body as a result. She was fed up with the doctors, and sick and tired of feeling so extremely sick and tired. But, she refused to end her search for answers; she felt that doing so would be a death sentence.So one day, she made a life-changing decision. she decided to fire her doctors and hire herself to take control of her health. she didn’t just want change; she needed change. There simply was no other option in her life. From that decision, began her journey.She hired a personal trainer, a nutritionist and started to take wellness supplements. She worked with holistic practitioners who taught her the power of natural medicine. She was driven, dedicated and determined to take back her health and her life.This led her to start competing in the figure shows and then onto to Bikini shows to become a world PRO competitor gaining the experience to become a coach herself.As a coach, she practices what she preaches and believes in what she does. Along with fitness, eating and living clean, the power of positive thinking and believing in yourself is hands down, the single-greatest thing you can do for yourself. In 2011 Emily met Jamo he was so impressed by her quality as a trainer and a fitness professional that she become one of the leading JamCore Girls.

Julien Greaux

Julien Greaux arrived in the United States from St. Barth with only 400 dollars in his pocket and the dream of becoming one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry. From the age of nine he discovered his unyielding passion for physical training, whether it be through weight training at the gym or practicing martial arts. Arriving in Los Angeles three years ago, Julien embarked on a journey that would be marked with adversity. Money was scarce and there were nights when he found himself homeless on the streets of Venice, with nothing to eat but some protein powder he was given at the gym.

Julien had a vision, however, and more importantly an unfaltering belief in himself. With pure determination, he dedicated himself to his sport and trained endlessly at the gym each day.   His lean, muscular body and strikingly good looks soon caught the eye of several photographers, and it wasn’t long before Julien landed his first modeling job. Achieving a personal victory, Julien appeared on his first cover…..then second, and now reaching the 30 plus covers  a string of appearances that rendered him one of the most well-known faces in the fitness industry. Anyone that knows Julien will surely tell you that the story doesn’t end there, for there are always more dreams to realize.

It was the making of his personal training DVD that marked an even greater achievement. He had created an outlet from which he could share his passion with others. Most recently, Julien has been training his famous clientele in Venice beach, California as well as appearing in his first mix martial art movie nick naming him the THE NEXT HOLLYWOOD ACTION HERO.  He never ceases to search for ways in which he can make his mark and find success doing what he loves. Julien’s martial arts background Includes: Kick boxing, Karate Shotokan, Thai Boxing, Tae kwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo.

The Jamo Connection:
“Julien introduced himself to me several years ago when I was sitting alone having lunch. He told me that he had seen me in several French fitness magazines and had been following my nutrition and training advice. His story was so similar to mine. I left Algeria at a young age with a dream and an inner drive to succeed. The more Julien talked, the more I saw myself in him. He was passionate, hungry, focused, and very self confident. I knew right away that he had ‘it.’ It was never a question of if Julien would be hugely successful, just a matter of when. We immediately became close friends. The amazing thing about Julien is that as good looking and fit as he is, he is the nicest guy you will ever meet—no Ego. He is a fitness cover model on every health and fitness magazine and he is such a humble and great guy. It is an honor to have him as part of JamCoreTraining™. He has the perfect physique, one that even I would love to have. He is constantly learning and developing innovative ways to create and maintain that killer physique. I’m glad to have him also as the mix martial arts director.”

To get in touch with Julien: Julien@jamcoretraining.com

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