3 Stretching Movements You Must Do

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Stretching has always been everyones nemesis. Most people hate stretching either because they don’t like the feeling of a cold muscle being stretched or they just can’t be bothered. Even if you tell them here is 3 stretching movements you must do they will save your life, they won’t do them.

3 Stretching Movements you Must Do

I hope I can change your mind with this great video I shot with fitness professional Jacquleyn Umof who is an advocate of always stretching to get in great shape.

What are the benefits of stretching a muscle? Well stretching first and foremost help prepare you as well as warm up your muscles to function properly and respond well during the workout. Stretching also help in your recovery process after and during the workout. I myself never use to stretch and believe me if i did stretch early in my career, I think I would have prevented many injuries something stretching does too.

3 Stretching Movements you Must Do

When stretching make sure you start slow and then build up.

So how many type of stretches do you have?

Depending of what kind of training you do most stretches are the same, until you reach the athletic level then it’s a whole science. In that situation your stretching routine will become like a owkout in itself.

Here below example of stretches you need to know about.

1- Static stretch: Where you extend the muscle and hold for 20 – 30 sec

2- Dynamic Stretch: It requires the use of continuous movement pattern that mimic the exercise you will be doing. The goal here is to increase flexibility.

3- AIS ( Active Isolated Stretching): My favorite.. where you hold the stretch for 2 sec and keep repeating it with each time exceeding the previous point of resistance.

Enjoy the video Below and Let me know what you think.

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